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Financial Planning:
Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Planning: Frequently Asked Questions:

Drummond Capital offers comprehensive financial planning services to help you answer the hard questions about your financial future. Though attaining your financial goal can be never guaranteed, proper planning can greatly increase you odds of your success.

Our financial planning services include:

  • Educational Funding
  • Survivor needs analysis/life insurance analysis
  • Disability insurance and long-term care insurance analysis
  • Development of investment strategies
  • Basic finance issues, such as debt structure, liquidity and cash flow needs
  • Income tax optimization strategies *
  • Estate planning strategies *

Drummond Capital provides financial planning on fee-for-service basis, though fees are often waived for asset management client.

How do I know my 401(k) is invested appropriately?
We can assist you with everything from retirement planning, rolling over a 401(k), to managing lump sum pension distributions.
Am I saving enough of my income?
We can help you build a personalized investment strategy to work towards achieving your goals.
How much can I afford to spend during retirement?
We will assist you in developing an income strategy to reduce the chance of outliving your assets.
Do I have enough life insurance to care for my family?
We can help you build a personalized Insurance strategy to work towards achieving your financial goals.
Should I be concerned about estate taxes?
We can evaluate your estate plan and discuss options to plan for leaving a lasting legacy.
When will I be able to retire?
We will help you evaluate your retirement goal and assist you in implementing appropriate strategies to work towards its’ achievement.
How much should be saving each month to send my kids to college?
We provide professional advice on different tax strategies used to fund educational costs.

* Associates of Drummond Capital do not provide legal or tax advice.  These topics are discussed in conjunction with your attorney or tax professional.